Top 5 Reasons why Apple iPhone users never want to buy an Android ever again

Why do iPhone users never want to go back to an android smartphone again? Here are 5 reasons!

As one of the world’s most expensive brand names, Apple Inc. keeps their standards in a very high place. That being said, Apple iPhones along with their own IOS are considered the best mobile smartphones available at the market nowadays. IOS’ main competitor is Android and there are several things where iOS outperforms Android. 

Anyway, if we look at things from Android’s point of view, we can think of a lot of reasons why Android is superior to Apple’s mobile operating system. To mention a few advantages, Google’s alternative, Android, provides a more open platform, as well as more choice, value, variety, and customization. But, if Android is so superior, what keeps iOS customers glued to their iPhones and iPads?

While many claim that it’s all about branding and status, we feel the motivations go deeper than that. There are some things iOS does better than Android. Here in this article, we focus on the top 5 reasons that keep IOS customers glued to their Phones and iPads.

01. A faster and smoother experience!

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After years of using both platforms on a regular basis, many users experienced that iOS has far less hitches and slowdowns. One of the things that iOS does better than Android is performance. Given the internals of the iPhone, this seems absurd. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s most powerful smartphone right now, featuring a six-core CPU and 6GB of RAM. In today’s Android market, those specifications would be considered mid-range at best.

The truth is that we get caught up in the details and fail to focus on what is actually important. Powerful specifications aren’t the only thing that contribute to a smartphone’s performance. Processing power is about more than cores and speed clocks. Apple processors have been demonstrated to be superior to Qualcomm processors. 

Whether Apple processors are superior or not, what counts most is that iOS is built to perform flawlessly with Apple’s limited number of devices. In the meantime, Android is drowning in a sea of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. OEMs are responsible for optimizing software for specific hardware, and they aren’t always 100% successful at their job.

Because of Apple’s closed environment, which allows for tighter integration, iPhones don’t require super-powerful specifications to compete with high-end Android phones. Actually, It all comes down to hardware and software optimization.

Apple can ensure that resources are used more efficiently since it controls production from start to finish. Furthermore, developers must adhere to a more stringent process for releasing apps, and they are not required to optimize their programs for what appears to be an infinite number of devices.

This isn’t to argue that all iOS devices are better than all Android devices. Some Android phones have monstrous internals and incredible performance.

In general, though, at comparable price ranges, iOS devices are speedier and smoother than most Android phones.

02. Attractive Simplicity!

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What we love about Android might sometimes make it a less appealing platform for the average user. While Google and its partners have worked so hard to make Android more user-friendly, the truth is that it can still be complex. Because most Android phones appear and feel different from one another, inconsistency across phone manufacturers causes a learning curve.

Generally speaking, Apple supporters adore the simplicity of their operating system, which is undoubtedly one of the things iOS does better than Android. There isn’t much to iOS, which is part of its appeal. Many iPhone users don’t desire a phone that anyone  can mess around with and personalize.

They want a device that works effectively, is simple to operate, and gets them to their content with minimal effort. This is the meaning of the phrase “it just works.”

With iOS, you get home screens with rows and columns of icons that you can arrange anyway you like, but there’s no app drawer to hide stuff under; everything is there in front of you. The settings are simple, yet the experience is consistent regardless of which Apple mobile device you use.

iOS has a user interface that is so intuitive that there is essentially no learning curve. In about 15 minutes, we’ve seen kids who have never used a smartphone figure out the basics. Similarly, if you’ve used an iOS device before, you’ll be able to switch to any other and immediately understand how it works. It’s that simple!

03. Perfect Timed Updates!

One of the things that iOS does better than Android is software updates. If your iOS device is eligible for the latest update, it will receive it as soon as it becomes available. This might be terrible news for older devices that aren’t capable of handling more resource-intensive iOS versions. That is a different topic, and it is something to be concerned about only if you have an Apple device that is substantially older.

With Google’s Android, the update process isn’t as smooth. Only Google’s own products, such as the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, receive direct updates, although even those have been known to fail to receive upgrades in a timely manner.

Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and all other manufacturers must obtain the update, work on it, optimize it for your device, and then distribute it. In many cases, carriers are required to go through them as well, ensuring that you receive updates months or years later.

04. Excellent Customer Support!

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In terms of technical customer service, Apple is unrivaled. Although AppleCare is pricey, it makes filing warranty and insurance claims for iOS devices a breeze. If you have an Apple Store nearby, you can usually walk out with a brand new device in under an hour. 

Apple Stores, whether you love them or hate them, have a distinct appearance that many stores have attempted to imitate. As soon as you walk by, the open-plan architecture draws you in. A large number of employees are available to assist you with any purchase or problem. They even offer free seminars on how to operate Apple products.

No corporation is flawless, but if you own an iOS phone or an iPad and have a problem with it, you are in luck compared with Android customers. You don’t have to go through carriers, seek for strange customer service phone numbers, fill out online forms, send faxes, wait weeks to get your gadget mended or replaced, or be on hold for lengthy periods of time only to talk to a robot. Visit your local Apple Store and take advantage of their well-known customer service. It’s as simple as that.

05. Best Resale value!

Apple does have a market advantage over the majority of its mobile competitors. iPhones, iPads, and other Apple gadgets have a far higher resale value than Android devices. When it’s time to upgrade your devices, you’ll be able to resell them for a higher price. Furthermore, because Apple items are so popular, they tend to sell significantly more quickly.

Let’s look at some real-life instances to put things in perspective. In September 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was released for $1,099. In good condition, it’s currently going for $550 to $750. That would be between 50 and 68 percent of its original price. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus was released in August 2019 for $1,099. On eBay, it sells for $350 to $450. This translates to around 32% to 41% of the initial value.

You can clearly see the drop of the price of Galaxy Note 10 is higher than that of the iPhone 11 Pro max. A clear difference indeed!! Remember that this is the best-case scenario for Android. Samsung is a comparatively popular brand that holds its value better than other Android based smartphone manufacturers. When compared to other Android manufacturers, Apple’s resale value is far higher.

Other than the above-mentioned 5 reasons, high security, tight integration, vehicle features, brand recognition, quality camera and many more reasons make it almost impossible to hate Apple products like iPhones and iPads!

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