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Eminem has been on the scene since 1992, and in that time he has made a huge name for himself. But, is there more to this amazing hip-hop artist than meets the eye?

In this article, we are getting up close and personal with 20 things about Eminem that you probably didn’t know.

  1. He was in a coma! 

Eminem had a very rough and difficult childhood. He grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood which didn’t take kindly to the lone white kid. He was often picked on, and when he was nine, he was beaten so violently that he ended up in a coma for a week. 

  1. A 15 year old mom!

Everyone knows how tense Eminem’s relationship with his mother was. However, many people are unaware of what all she went through. She gave birth to Eminem when she was just a 15 year old  teen. The whole labor process of baby Em lasted 72 hours, and almost claimed his mother’s life. 

  1. A lyrical genius

Eminem’s lyrics are so good that he’s demonstrated there are several ways to rhyme the word orange.

“Orange, 4-Inch, Door hinge in storage, and ate porridge with George”

Eminem has a unique method of breaking down words, and given that he studied a dictionary to improve his vocabulary, it’s not a stretch to call him a lyrical genius!

  1. A high school dropout

It’s not an excuse to give up school and become a rapper, but Eminem was a high school dropout.  After failing ninth grade three times, his mother was ready to kick him out. She told him to either quit school and help her pay the bills, or he wouldn’t be allowed to stay with her anymore. Eminem only made it until 9th grade because it was the simple and easy option for him.

  1. An Oscar winner!

Eminem had not only impressed the music industry with his talent, but also the movie industry. He had amazing acting skills in “8 Mile”, and took home the Academy Award for the movie’s theme song; it was the first rap song ever to win an Oscar.

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  1. The “God” of records!

Many people are aware that Eminem has won many awards. However, you might be astonished to hear that he has many entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. The rapper holds the record for “Most successive number-one albums by a solo artist”. He also earned the world record for the most words in a song for “Rap God”. The song has 1560 words and lasts 6 minutes and 4 seconds. That’s a rate of 4.28 words per second on average.

  1. The Marshall Mathers Foundation

Many people don’t think of Eminem as a philanthropist, but you might be shocked to learn that he has founded numerous foundations and charities. “The Marshall Mathers Foundation” is one of his favorites among them. The charity is dedicated to assisting at-risk youngsters in Michigan, where he grew up.

  1. 8 Miles to Lose Yourself

Eminem created the lyrics to “Lose Yourself” while on the set of “8 Mile.” Between takes, he would scribble down notes and lyrics. When it came time to perform the song, he surprised the cast and crew by nailing all three verses in just a single take.

  1. Widest vocabulary?

Slim Shady is a lyrical genius, as we all know. However, according to a study, he has the best vocabulary in the game. He was discovered to have the most diverse vocabulary among 93 artists across 25 genres, with 8,818 distinct words. He was approximately 2,000 words ahead of second-placed Jay-Z.

  1. We worked at a small family restaurant

Eminem didn’t sign his first record contract until 1992, and things were not easy for him before that. He worked as a dishwasher and cook at a small family restaurant to make ends meet. He received a wage of $5.50 per hour. So you could say that things have gotten a little simpler for him now.

  1. He didn’t know he was famous until.

Eminem had no idea how famous he was when he bought his first big house with his first royalty check. He had to deal with a lot of crazy fans because his residence was on a bustling Main Street! It had gotten to the point that he couldn’t even leave his house. He eventually sold the house and used the proceeds to purchase a more private residence.

  1. He too has a weird addiction.

Eminem, like many others, struggles from a weird addiction. Diet Coke is his obsession. However, he is really picky about it. He only drinks Diet Coke from a fountain to avoid the aspartame and cancer risks associated with canned soda.

  1. Brain Damage

After his school bully, D’Angelo Bailey, left him in a coma in 1982, Eminem’s mother attempted to sue his school. Ironically, after Eminem released the single “Brain Damage,” Bailey attempted to sue him for $1 million. Bailey felt the song harmed his reputation because he was the subject of it.

  1. It came from Family

When it comes to being drawn to music, it runs in Eminem’s family. His mother and father were actually in a band together. It was called “Daddy Warbucks”. Eventually, his father left him and his mother to pursue a career in California. Chances are Em is having the last laugh. 

  1. Vicodin!

Eminem struggled to get enough sleep while working on the set of “8 Mile.” As a result, he began using prescription drugs, which eventually  led to a dangerous addiction. He was consuming up to 60 Vicodin pills per day during the height of his addiction.

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  1. Elton John,the “Mentor”

After an overdose of methadone, Eminem decided enough was enough. So when Eminem chose to get clean, one of the first people he called was Elton John. He says Elton John has acted like a mentor and even calls once a week to check on him. 

  1. 15 Grammy’s

Winning a Grammy is the pinnacle of any musician’s career when it comes to recognition for their work. When it comes to Eminem’s career he has not just won one Grammy, but 15, in total. For a scrawny child from Detroit, this is quite an outstanding achievement.

  1. No Swearing

Eminem does not allow swearing in his home, which may come as a surprise. It seems unlikely, given the profanity in his music. He believes that it is up to the parents to decide whether or not their children can listen to his music. His children, on the other hand, are not permitted in his home.

  1. Jonah Hill

Eminem befriended Jonah Hill on the filming of “Funny People.” He later admitted to Hill that “Super Bad” was his favorite movie of all time. He even went as far as to quote all his favorite scenes to Hill while on set. Of Course Jonah Hill was in complete shock, and stoked about it when he told the story to an MTV reporter.

  1. Cyberphobia??

The chances of slim ever seeing this article are actually pretty slim themselves. The rapper hates computers because he doesn’t actually know how to use them. He’s also admitted that if he did figure out how to get online, he’d probably go crazy reading all the negative comments about himself. So he just stays away!

How many of these things did you know about Eminem and is there anything we missed? Add a comment in the comment section!

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