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A Shocking Testimony!

Many people in America heard a shocking testimony yesterday morning. Britney Spears, the pop sensation, was the source of this shocking news. She’s been living in a conservatorship since 2008. This means that her father has complete control over her life; she is 39 years old and has no option. She has no personal or professional options due to this conservatorship.

But, after 13 years, she’s come out against the arrangement, calling it abusive and enslaving. She accused her father of taking pleasure in her grief. It was a moving account celebrities and fans want the conservatorship to end. What did the court think of it, though? Will fan’s “Free Britney” campaign succeed?

What has happened since 2008?

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Spears performing at the NFL Kickoff Live in September 2003

Since 2008, Britney’s life was famous yet hidden away, powerful yet chained, breathing but barely alive! Seems like on June 23 she broke out on the scene. She was only 17 years old when she dropped decade-defining hits. But growing up in the limelight can be unsettling. Soon the signs of stress began to show. First came an ugly and public divorce in 2007. Then, Spears lost custody of her two children, and she started acting out in public. A year later she was hospitalized twice. On one occasion that was because she refused to surrender her son. All this led to the idea of conservatorship. 

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Britney Spears driving from court on October 26, 2007
Photo by C.Estrada

What exactly does “Conservatorship” mean? 

Conservatorship is defined as a judge’s appointment of a guardian or protector to manage another person’s financial affairs and/or daily living due to old age or physical or mental limitations.

A conservatorship is for people who cannot make their own decisions mostly due to mental illnesses 

Who is Britney’s Conservator?

In such cases, the court appoints a conservator. For Britney Spears, it was her father. Since 2008, he has controlled her life, where she performs what medicine she takes, her 60 million dollar empire, and even her reproductive choices.

Did Britney approve of this? 

There were always murmurs of disapproval. But on Wednesday, all doubts were put to rest. Britney Spears spoke out in court pleading to end the conservatorship.

What she described was an abusive enslaving experience.

“I’m not happy. I cry every day”, she said. She wants to move on in life, raise a family. But, she claims her conservatives won’t let her have children, they won’t let her visit the doctor to remove her IUD contraception, even her concerts and songs are beyond her control. If she doesn’t get on stage her managers could sue her! What about her father, her supposed guardian? This is what Britney had to say, “The control he had over someone as powerful as me he loved the control to hurt his own daughter a 100,000%”. She complained of being drugged, threatened, and exploited for money.

How did her father react?

Her father’s reaction to Britney’s accusations sounded worried. He said he was sorry to see his daughter in pain.

A Public Uprising!

The testimony has mobilized public opinion. Outside the court her fans raised placards and slogans. Celebrities rushed to join the “Free Britney” campaign. And many social media users express their disapproval for the Britney’s conservatorship using the hashtag #

What did the court make of it? 

Attorney Peter Walzer expressed his professional ideas on what will happen to the conservatorship with the media. He said , “When Britney spoke, the world listened. This was amazing. She really said what was going on now. Whether the judge will buy it, whether the judge will let her out of her conservatorship, My bet is no!” 

The shackles aren’t coming off soon. The law still sees Britney as incapable and dependent. So her life will continue under the eyes of a cabal of men, some of them in it for the money, others for pure sadism. But neither the court nor her guardians can explain this. If Britney is indeed unstable and ill, how is she still performing? still turning out hits and raking in millions? They won’t say! 

Law and Justice?

Britney’s appeal was simple and moving! She wanted her life back, her freedom to visit friends, her freedom to start a family, her freedom to make choices.

But it seems like the law and justice are too far apart.

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